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Brand New GTEK™ Fire & Acoustic Guide

GTEK™ manufactures top fire-rated products for construction needs. GTEK™ products are proudly Australian made, servicing Western Australia, South Australia and Victorian markets. The updated fire and acoustic guide contains the latest fire ratings and acoustics information.

Launch of Updated Fire and Acoustic Guide

Updates and changes to the new GTEK™’ Fire and Acoustic Guide are as follows.

Boundary & Exterior Walls

Fire-rated boundaries and exterior walls are paramount to contain and prevent the spread of fires. Adhering to the National Construction Code (NCC), GTEK™ Plasterboard and BGC Fibre Cement products can achieve the required fire ratings.

Columns & Beams

GTEK™ Fire is a fire rated plasterboard which enhances optimal performance for columns and beams. A typical beam consists of the following:

  • Wall furring track at the back tongue of the clip
  • Steel angle fixed to the wall junction or soffit
  • Noggings at the end of each column or beam and behind plasterboard butt joins (for single-layer systems)

The suitable fire ratings for columns and beams depend on the lining’s thickness and system number. For instance, 30/-/- FRL is ideal for the system no. GTEK™ – CB01 with linings of 1× 13mm GTEK™ Fire.

GECA Approved Products

The GECA ecolabel is an independently approved ‘tick’ certifying ethically made, environmentally friendly products with a lower impact on human health. GECA’s stringent assessment protocols meeting industry standards imply GECA’s certification is trusted and robust.

Furthermore, the Green Building Council of Australia recognises the GECA certification. By using products with the GECA tick of approval, it is possible to receive up to three Green Star points using GECA-certified products.

Bushfire Information (BAL)

Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL) include BAL-FZ, BAL-40, BAL-29, BAL-19, BAL-12.5, or BAL-Low. BGC Fibre Cement GTEK products are available to protect against each BAL category.

Buildings can only achieve the required fire protection upon correctly installing the products. So, contractors and builders should use suitable materials for external plasterboard walls, eaves lining, fascias, roofs, etc.

Cinema Wall Zones

GTEK™ Sound provides sound insulation, with the ideal value of at least Rw70. For airborne noise, the value can range from Rw10 to Rw70 plus. A higher rating translates to a better partition for sound insulation.

Other specifications for GTEK™ Sound include:

  • Girts fixed on a vertical steel column with proprietary isolation mounts
  • A top hat vertical section with tracks supporting the head and base
  • Single or continuous span — for the top hat — for internal wind pressure
  • Plasterboard fixings from the top hat to the layers beneath the top hat

Mid-rise Partitioning Wall Systems

GTEK™ offers various high-performance plasterboard solutions for mid-rise buildings. The fire-rated plasterboard Australian product range are tested and proven for quality. GTEK™ plasterboard also reduce sound transmission to provide a quiet environment.

GTEK™ plasterboard for walls is lightweight and easy to install. GTEK™ plasterboard provides flat, smooth, and flawless wall installation. In addition to installing plasterboard, builders, trades and contractors can use GTEK™’s Cornice to add to the wall’s decor.

New Inclusions in the Updated Version

The updated version now includes the following elements:

System Updates

The updated GTEK™ Fire and Acoustic Guide is the latest version using updated construction codes. The updated fire and acoustic standards ensure projects have adequate protection against fire as per new product advancements and building codes and regulations.

Updates to Exterior Wall Systems

GTEK™ updates to exterior walls help contractors maintain the integrity of their projects. The updated information provides building occupants with the latest protection and maximum safety from fire and smoke.

GTEK™ Protect Systems

The GTEK™ Protect system consists of a double wall with fire-resistant 25mm plasterboard panels within the wall cavity. Unlike conventional fire-rated walls, the fire barrier in the GTEK™ Protect System is within the wall cavity. So, the fire-rated plasterboard protects the structure opposite to the fire.

The GTEK™ Protect system meets a fire resistance level of 60/60/60 and has an outstanding acoustic performance. The GTEK™ Protect system is quick and easy to construct.

Who Does the Fire Safety & Acoustic Guide Help?

The updated fire and acoustic guide helps decision-makers to ensure fire safety and acoustic performance in buildings to make up-to-date, informed specifications. This fire and acoustic guide is useful for anyone in the following categories:

  • Architect – assists architects to design safe buildings that meet regulatory requirements. In doing so, occupants are provided with the necessary level of fire protection and acoustic performance.
  • Engineer – allows engineers to specify materials that comply with fire safety and acoustic regulations.
  • Building owner – explaining the benefits of fire safety measures and acoustic performance.
  • Project manager – provides up to date information to ensure compliance with applicable fire safety and acoustic regulations.

Overall, the updated fire and acoustic guide is essential for anyone involved in the design, construction, and management of fire safety and acoustic installations in a building.

Positioning GTEK™ as a Market Leader in Plasterboard Products

GTEK™ is a leading provider of plasterboard products and fire-resistant systems. GTEK™ is well-positioned to meet customer needs with its many solutions. GTEK™ plasterboard production in state-of-the-art facilities ensure GTEK provides top-notch aesthetics, acoustic performance, safety, and cost-efficiency.

GTEK™ has built a reputation on superior quality products and outstanding customer service. GTEK™ is continuously innovating and expanding the product range to meet the latest trends, offering market satisfaction. It is paramount for GTEK™ to provide customers with access to the most up to date information and better building solutions.

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