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Discover a world of high-quality jointing compounds that offers everything you need for all your construction projects.

Enter the GTEK™ compounds range, with a product for every stage of your project. Our plasterboard has created this comprehensive range with your goals in mind — smooth and seamless application and quality, durable result.

Designed for use with GTEK™ Plasterboard, you’ll achieve your aims of easy installation and reliable and long-lasting results.

Read on to know more about our exceptional range of plasterboard compounds.

GTEK™ Base Coat

GTEK™ Base Coat is your first choice for a bedding coat to fill joints. Apply this plaster-based cement to joints before GTEK™ Top Coat or GTEK™ All Purpose Lightweight, and sand down to a smooth finish before any final touches.

Available in a working life of 20, 45, 60 or 90 minutes, this product is suitable for a range of applications including walls, ceilings, beads, arches, and patching. Its smooth texture makes spread and application easy and you’ll get the superior joint strength you’d expect from a GTEK™ product.

GTEK™ Top Coat

For a strong and reliable finish, reach for GTEK™ Top Coat. This pre-mixed vinyl formulation is designed to give joints in interior plasterboard applications their final coating.

Use it for sealing corner beads and embedded fasteners and for skim-coating panels too. It’s your top coat of choice because we’ve done the hard work for you — it’s ready to use and doesn’t require any prep from you.

GTEK™ Top Coat shrinks less too and sands easily, making application simple from beginning to end.

GTEK™ All Purpose

As far as plasterboard compounds go, you won’t find a product more versatile than GTEK™ All Purpose. Use it as a topping compound or as a base coat depending on the stage of your project, and apply either by hand or machine with equally good results.

This pre-mixed, ready-to-use formula goes on smoothly, making application quick, easy and seamless. Crack-resistant and low shrinkage, this product gives results that are designed to look good — long-term. It sands easily too with superb tape adhesion.

Available in 20kg and 24kg bucket sizes, it’s your go-to for a variety of projects.

GTEK™ All Purpose Lightweight

GTEK™ All Purpose Lightweight offers all the benefits of GTEK™ All Purpose — but in a lightweight formula. Application is just as easy with the same robust and crack-resistant finish you rely on from our plaster compounds range.

And it’s equally versatile too. Use it as a base coat or topping compound and apply it by hand or machine.
Available in 17kg and 20kg buckets for all your joint finishing projects.

BGC Exterior & Wet Area Base Coat

Use this superior bonding compound as a first or second coat to be applied over fasteners and joints on exterior soffits and ceilings.

It’s also the ideal choice for wet area applications in bathrooms and shower rooms, thanks to its excellent water-resistant qualities.

BGC Exterior & Wet Area Base Coat is ideal for use over fibre cement and plasterboard linings. Because it’s pre-mixed you can get straight on with the job, appreciating the smooth and easy application this product offers.

BGC Exterior & Wet Area Top Coat

The perfect companion to Exterior & Wet Area Base Coat, the BGC Exterior & Wet Area Top Coat is designed for use over flush joints on exterior fibre cement and plasterboard linings.

Used together, Base Coat and Top Coat ensure your project is robust, reliable and has a smooth, quality finish. BGC Exterior & Wet Area Top Coat is a dream to use — pre-mixed and ready-to-use, you won’t waste any time in applying this product to create a smooth finish.

Know that it has exceptional water-resistant qualities and works with all types of paint finishes to make completing your job as easy as can be.

All your jointing needs covered

GTEK™ has all your jointing needs covered with this versatile range of plaster compounds. Select the one that’s best for your project and use it with the GTEK™ product range for the perfect match. Easy to apply, durable and boasting a superior finish, choose from the extensive GTEK™ range for the best results every time.

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