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Architecture and Design’s Whitepaper examines water proofing requirements and the significance of high-quality products such as GTEK™ Barrier, where waterproofing is required, the importance of waterproofing, failures, and the best water-resistant substrates. The Whitepaper article explores technical specification of waterproofing and substrate products. 

Entitled Next Generation Linings, the Whitepaper has been published to inform and educate people about substrate and waterproofing systems for tiled walls, naming GTEK™ Barrier as a high-performance substrate for commercial and residential applications.

Architecture & Design’s Whitepaper

According to the Australian Institute of Waterproofing, “waterproofing makes up 1% of a building’s construction costs, yet water leaks and the resultant damage accounts for 80% of all building defect costs in Australian buildings”. It is paramount to make informed choices with quality products and the best practices for installation to ensure your project doesn’t fall into the defect statistic for waterproofing.

By using a high-quality product like GTEK™ Barrier and the correct installation ensures the best results, avoiding costly issues in the future.

The Whitepaper investigates waterproofing requirements for tiled walls in internal wet areas, as well
as the consequences of waterproofing failure. The Whitepaper explains the important of the selection the right substrate for your waterproofing system, highlighting new technologies that help architects, specifiers and builders achieve compliance. 

The substrate plays a vital role in effective waterproofing systems. GTEK™ Barrier has superior waterproofing performance alongside tile adhesive, durability, fire-resistance and ease-of-use as compared with current substrate products on the market. 

Architecture and Design’s Whitepaper highlights GTEK™ Barrier as a new technology assisting architects, specifiers and builders achieve compliance. 

National Construction Code

The National Construction Code (NCC) sets the minimum health, safety, and sustainability requirements for new builds. For both commercial and residential builds, all internal wet areas must be designed and constructed in accordance with the NCC. 

According to the NCC, waterproofing is required in the following areas: shower stalls, bath areas, bathrooms in general (depending on other materials used), laundries, wet areas in kitchens, and around all penetrations in areas (such as taps and drains). 

Importance of Waterproofing

For residential and commercial projects, proper waterproofing in internal wet areas such as bathrooms is fundamental to the lifespan of the building. Water leaks can lead to expensive and complicated repairs, as well as create a dangerous environment. Ineffective waterproofing can cause moisture damage and promote growth of mould and mildew which can also contribute to poor living conditions that can impact the health and wellbeing of occupants.

Avoid Defects

The root cause of waterproofing defects are; poor design, inaccurate specifications, and incorrect installation of waterproofing systems. Issues can occur in tiled walls due to the incorrect combination of materials. Often, this is due to a failure to consider all the materials and components of the system as a cohesive solution. Poor choice or preparation of the substrate can cause issues when the waterproofing membrane is applied, which increases the risk of complications over time. 

Superior Substrates

Practical considerations such as ease of use, cost and design flexibility should all be considered when selecting the best waterproofing system for your project. New plasterboard alternatives are emerging that combine plaster board and fibre cement have the best of all worlds – water resistance, ease of use, high durability, and non-combustibility such as GTEK™ Barrier. Due to advancements in technology and the use of alternative materials, creating an easy to install, lightweight, effective product that is resistant to wear and tear, GTEK™ has designed an all-in-one water-resistant substrate solution. 

Architecture and Design’s Whitepaper highlights the importance of effective high-quality waterproofing, outlining how crucial it is to a successful project now and into the future. GTEK™ Barrier is an ideal substrate under tiles in both residential and commercial applications. This high-performance wet area liner can be applied and easily installed, and unlike standard plasterboard, it can be used for high traffic areas as well as a substrate for tiles- a total water-resistant solution. 

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