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GTEK™ Smartwall is a complete plasterboard wall and lining system compliant with the requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC), designed to enable the lining of dry masonry walls.

A fast, dry alternative to cement render and set plaster finishes, GTEK™ Smartwall minimises potential delays to building projects associated with heavy, wet construction.

GTEK™ Smartwall lining system allows a wide range of architectural designs suitable for internal spaces. It can be used to provide a serviceable and clean finish for all internal wall surfaces and window reveals, as well as correction of wall alignments.

The GTEK™ Smartwall system is designed to enable precise, smooth, and tough surfaces that can resist bangs and abrasions. Installation is so simple with the system arriving on site in ready-made sheets and retouches are easy to fix, leaving zero cracks and dents.

And for bathrooms, toilets, laundries, and kitchens, choose GTEK™ Wet Area. Its low absorption core prevents water damage and potential damage to wall finishes and the supporting structure.

Easy to Install — and Efficient!

The GTEK™ Smartwall system is an efficient drywall lining system. It is a fast, dry alternative to cement render and plaster finishes.

Installation is quick and hassle-free. Bricks are cleaned, and then masonry adhesive is applied at particular spacings. The boards are then installed with door and window openings cut around.

The joints and corners are then flushed and finished with three layers of compounds to ensure a smooth wall finish.

And unlike wet plaster, the plasterboard used in the Smartwall system can be painted as soon as the compounds used for joining have dried,

Thermal Insulation and Energy Efficiency

One of the many features about GTEK™ Smartwall system is its ability to keep buildings cool in summer and warm in winter.

That’s thanks to the air pocket between the plasterboard sheet and the brick face, allowing controlled air circulation within the room and synergising all air conditioning/heating effects. Homeowners will also enjoy a quieter home with the GTEK™ Smartwall system since its structure allows sound to be absorbed, unlike hard plaster on bricks, which can produce an echo effect.

Fire-Rated Plasterboard

Looking for a fire-resistant plasterboard? Look no further than GTEK™ Fire – it’s aerated at the core and acts as an insulator in case of fire.

This reduces flame spread and smoke generation better than conventional gypsum boards. Know that GTEK™ Fire is fire-rated by Australian standards as non-combustible, so it’s passed as a safe material for use in both domestic and commercial settings.

Lifetime No Crack Guarantee

Say goodbye to cracking with GTEK™ premium plasterboard when it is used for internal walls.

Because it’s applied in sheets, there’s no cornice or wall cracking. GTEK™ plasterboard’s quality and durability are demonstrated by the lifetime no-crack warranty, which provides builders and homeowners confidence that their walls and ceilings will remain flawless for many years to come.

Stylish, Defined and Clean

There’s nothing like smooth, straight, regulated, and consistent walls in a home or office space. GTEK™ plasterboard offers laser-sharp edges, creating a clean, uniform, and defined corners for a seamless finish.

The Smart Alternative

Waiting for hard plaster to dry is a thing of the past. The GTEK™ Smartwall system is easier, quicker, cleaner installation to walls and results in a smoother, high-end finish that’s superior to other drywalls or hand-and-trowel applications.

GTEK™ Smartwall a premium system designed to make your job easier and more efficient with a stunning result.

Entrust your GTEK™ plasterboard bulk orders to us, we can supply plasterboard in bulk manufactured here in Perth to wherever you are in WA, SA, and VIC.

We pride ourselves on being one of Australia’s leading plasterboard products manufacturers. We’re in it to make building construction altogether an easier task – helping you to create the homes of the future.

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