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Our Value Engineering Service

There are significant benefits to be obtained when value engineering is undertaken on a project. Wall and ceiling systems that need to meet certain fire, acoustic and impact standards can be built in many different combinations of plasterboards, fibre cement linings and other materials.

Our team of technical advisors are well educated and trained in creating solutions to meet your requirements always considering the most suitable product combination to meet the relevant standards in addition to cost, delivery and installation efficiencies. Our clients come back to us because they see the benefits they obtain in cost and time.

GTEK™ Tech Spec

The GTEK™ Fire & Acoustic Guide offers over 210 system combinations of GTEK™ and Innova™ products to address your project’s fire and acoustic needs. We can also customise a specific product specification to suit your project needs and provide you with a GTEK™ Tech Spec.


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