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Are you confident you know how to specify Plasterboard linings for medium and high rise buildings? BGC Plasterboard can help you learn how to meet all relevant ISO, AS and BCA standards and codes.

Our presentations are designed to run for 1 hour and will gain you 1 CPD point. We have technical experts who have been approved by Refuel to present to you in each state of Australia. BGC is an Australian based construction business and we have been manufacturing Plasterboard for over 20 years so we have an extensive knowledge of all relevant Australian Standards. We’d like to share that knowledge with you and further your understanding of Plasterboard, its qualities, benefits and how it can meet your specification requirements.

There are 2 modules and we recommend attending module 1A first as this will give you a solid grounding of knowledge of how Plasterboard is manufactured, how it is installed and how it is finished. Module 2 dives deeper into the standards applicable such as fire, acoustic and thermal.


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Our Presentations

The following presentations pertain to architectural design in all sectors such as residential, commercial, medical, education and recreation. BGC also offers CPD presentations on the use of Fibre Cement products in medium and high rise buildings. Learn more

Module 1A

Plasterboard Linings in Lightweight Buildings

This module is about compliance, certification and design. It covers:

  • How Plasterboard is manufactured
  • The different types of Plasterboard and how it is installed
  • The environmental benefits and GECA certification of Plasterboard
  • How Plasterboard needs to comply with NCC and ISO codes
  • How to manage the visual impact of glancing light.

Module 1B

Specifying Plasterboard Linings in Lightweight Buildings

This module is about how to specify Plasterboard in accordance with the BCA in relation to acoustic, fire regulations and energy efficiency. It covers:

  • How acoustic measures are calculated and monitored
  • The meaning of a FRL such as 60/60/60 with respect to fire rating
  • The meaning of RISF and its relevance
  • How thermal insulation is calculated and measured
  • Specifying wall and ceiling systems to meet designated acoustic and fire regulations.

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