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Hospitals and healthcare settings are complex buildings with an array of different requirements within one building which require careful consideration and selection of interior linings.

There are areas that require fire rated walls or special attention paid to acoustic requirements.

These buildings contain high traffic areas where many people come and go every single day and they need to be able to withstand the rigours of busy environment.


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We would like to assist architects and specifiers choose the optimum cost-effective lining material for different areas within a hospital or healthcare setting.

This information is the first step in selecting the right products for your project. Further advice is available from our technical team members who can guide you through each of the products in more detail to ensure they are right for your project.

If you would like further information on any of our products, please complete the form on the contact page and one of our technical specialists will contact you.

Impact Resistance

Areas that require specific attention to impact resistance include high traffic areas such as waiting areas and corridors. There are people coming and going all day long as they make their way around the building often looking at signage so not focused on their environment. As well as people there are trolleys, wheelchairs prams and various other items being wheeled and pushed around to get things where they need to be.

Internal linings in these areas require a higher level of impact resistance than standard plasterboard.

GTEK™ Impact is ideal for high traffic areas where walls are subjected to regular stress such as hallways and waiting areas.

GTEK™ Total Plus is formulated with a core structure reinforced with glass fibre strand and encased with heavy duty paper liner to make it resistant to both hard body and soft body impact.

Fire Resistance

Within the envelope of the building there will be walls which must meet certain FRLs (Fire Resistance Levels). With the help of our technical team we can assist you in finding the right fire rated system for your project.

GTEK™ Fire rated systems consist of single or multiple layers of GTEK™ Fire, screw-fixed to steel framing and nail or screw fixed to timber stud framing which provide the required FRL.

Acoustic Performance

Whilst there is no specific provision within the BCA for sound insulation, it is still important to consider potential noise transfer with in the building, specifically sound transfer between consulting rooms. Poor acoustics have been shown in studies to increase sensitivity to pain, disturb sleep for patients and increased errors, fatigue and occupational stress in staff.

GTEK™ Sound is a higher density plasterboard designed to improve the acoustic performance of wall systems and assist to eliminate or greatly reduce noise travelling between rooms.

Wet Areas

There are many types of wet areas within the hospital setting. From physio pools, to the hospital laundry and bathrooms including patient en-suites. It is important to consider products used within these areas to ensure system failures and maintenance costs are minor as possible.

GTEK™ Wet Area has been designed and developed for wet areas. It has a low absorption core that eliminates the probability of water wicking a, therefore preventing possible damage to supporting structures and wall finishes.

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