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GTEK™ can assist to provide solutions to all your sector requirements.

We understand that different environments require different plasterboard products to suit their specific demands.

From residential to commercial, from health to education, the different construction sectors have varying conditions and regulations that have to be met. GTEK™ can assist to provide solutions to all your sector requirements, thanks to its impressive range of high-quality plasterboard products proudly made in Australia.

When it comes to construction and renovation projects, architects, specifiers, designers, contractors, and project managers trust the reliability of GTEK™ plasterboard suppliers and their products. They know that GTEK™  plasterboard products comply with the rules and requirements of the National Construction Code and other public safety enactments.

As part of its commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility, GTEK™ is also happy to offer environmentally conscious plasterboard products at no added cost.

Whatever the sector, whether the building is trying to attain a higher Green rating or promoting environmentalism for other reasons, GTEK™ has the perfect product for the project.

The Residential Sector

GTEK™ offers a range of high-performance, variable-thickness plasterboard solutions for duplexes, houses, high-rises and condos. National Construction Code of Australia (NCC) compliant and available in a range of different thicknesses, there are GTEK™ plasterboard products for every residential application – interior or exterior, fire resistance and/or acoustic performance, wet or dry areas. 

GTEK™ products are easy to install, and aesthetically pleasing, to create the wonderful feeling of home. Whether you are building a house or high-rise, condo or cabin, GTEK™ has you covered.

The Commercial Sector

Buildings classified as National Construction Code of Australia (NCC) Class 5 – plasterboard solutions that provenly meet rigorous acoustic, fire, impact and wet/dry stipulations. Many of or GTEK™ plasterboard products including Fire, Sound, Impact and Total Plus have been vigorously tested, meeting the relevant commercial use standards for building and renovation projects. GTEK™ is dedicated to quality, offering a range GECA Licensed GTEK™ products. The GECA license ensures adherence to specific criteria and ongoing commitment to maintaining the standards 

Whatever your design parameters, GTEK™ will provide the best plasterboard solutions to suit your needs, regardless of project size or budget.

The Health & Aged Care Sector

Lightweight lining solutions for the healthcare environment that offer optimal insulation against fire, noise, water ingress and impact. Buildings in this particular sector tend to experience high traffic and impact by furniture, portable machines and people. 

GTEK’s™ extensive range of plasterboard products is designed for impact, fire resistance and acoustic performance, for the optimal safety and enjoyment of patients and workers alike.

GTEK™ Impact

The Education Sector

GTEK’s™ plasterboard solutions conform to the stringent requirements imposed by the National Construction Code of Australia (NCC) on Class 9b education buildings. As typically high-traffic areas, buildings in the education sector need to meet regulatory standards for fire resistance and mitigation, flood and mould resistance, and acoustic quality. 

GTEK™ plasterboard products help keep students and academic staff safe and better able to focus on learning.

The Bushfire Sector

GTEK™ offers a variety of light, cost-effective and easy-to-manage plasterboard alternatives to masonry and concrete construction.

For those living and working in bushfire areas, meeting safety standards, especially with respect to fire resistance and mitigation, is paramount. Some of GTEK’s™ plasterboard products are specifically designed to protect walls and exposed sub-floors in accordance with bushfire sector regulations.

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