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GTEK™ is committed to continuing to enhance their products and operations. This commitment extends to the community and its interests.

Our range of GTEK™ plasterboard products contains up to 5% of recycled gypsum and uses at least 80% recycled paper lining front and back. Through strict quality control systems, production waste is minimised, and wastage is recycled back into new plasterboard.

GTEK™ strongly advises builders and contractors to explore the option of recycling their plasterboard waste. This not only contributes to environmental preservation by minimising landfill usage but also results in reduced tipping fees and site clean-up costs. Additionally, it enhances site safety through more effective resource management. In WA, GTEK™ has 2 plasterboard recycling schemes in operation:


Earthcare recycling is 100% West Australian owned and operated and has grown from its inception 2010 to be WA’s largest separation-at-source recycling business, providing a cost effective and sustainable service to over 1250 houses a year and working with some of WA’s largest home builders and developers.

Reusing excess product on future projects saves builders money due to less over ordering and the waste going to landfill is reduced by over 95% making great commercial sense to builders while the value to the environment is immense.

With their separation at source process, they work closely with builders and trades to recycle by regularly refreshing a series of coloured bins over the lifecycle of house construction.  This limits onsite clutter and keeps the work areas cleaner, safer and more productive. 

Etex has formed a partnership with Earthcare which ensure that at least 1 large skip per month of recycled plasterboard waste from building sites across Perth will be delivered to GTEK™ manufacturing facility at Hazelmere. This material will then be used to manufacture new plasterboard.

Ceiling Prefab

Ceiling prefab are a plasterboard beam manufacturer who also supply plaster related accessories across WA. 

Once per month GTEK™ will receive approx. 1000kgs of clean recyclable plasterboard from Ceiling Prefab to its manufacturing facility in Hazelmere. This material will then be used to manufacture new plasterboard. If you require further information regarding the GTEK™ or their recycling partners, please contact us.

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