GTEK™ Cornice

Complementing our GTEK™ plasterboard sheets, BGC offers a range of GTEK™ cove and decorative cornices, adding exciting finishing touches to interior wall and ceiling joints in new builds and renovations.

GTEK™ cove and decorative cornices are available in three profile sizes suited to all applications.

What's good about GTEK™ cove and decorative cornices

Designed to improve appearance of junctions at walls and ceilings

Easy-on-the-eye designs

Quick and simple to install

Three cove cornice profile sizes: 55mm 70mm 90mm

Five decorative cornice profiles: 75mm 88mm

Fire & Acoustic Systems

GTEK Product Specification

GTEK™ Tech Spec

The GTEK™ Fire & Acoustic Guide offers over 210 system combinations of GTEK™ and Innova™ products to address your project's fire and acoustic needs.
We can also customise a specific product specification to suit your project needs and provide you with a GTEK™ Tech Spec.
Call us on 1300 652 242 for assistance.

Sizes & Thicknesses

GTEK™ Cornice Sheet Sizes and Weights

Technical Drawings

  • IMAGE 2.4 Cornice – Cove Cornice 55mm

    Cornice - Cove Cornice 55mm

  • IMAGE 2.4 Cornice – Cove Cornice 75mm

    Cornice - Cove Cornice 75mm

  • IMAGE 2.4 Cornice – Cove Cornice 90mm

    Cornice - Cove Cornice 90mm

  • IMAGE 2.4 Cornice – 2 Step 50mm

    Cornice - 2 step 50mm

  • IMAGE 2.4 Cornice – 3 Step 75mm

    Cornice - 3 step 75mm

  • IMAGE 2.4 Cornice – Bunbury 75mm

    Cornice - Bunbury 75mm

  • IMAGE 2.4 Cornice – Esperance 75mm

    Cornice - Esperance 75mm

  • IMAGE 2.4 Cornice – Albany 88mm

    Cornice - Albany 88mm

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