GTEK™ Phonic

Excellence in design is achieved with a balance of aesthetics and functional performance.


The GTEK™ Phonic perforated plasterboard range allows architects and designers to create beautiful ceilings and walls that achieve high levels of acoustic performance. The panel perforations together with the acoustic fabric and insulation reduce echo and noise reverberation to create a more comfortable environment for work, leisure and education.

What's good about GTEK™ Phonic

High sound absorption

Reduces sound reverberation (echo)

A selection of perforations to cater for design requirements

A smooth perforated plaster surface for decoration

Cloth backing prevents dust and insect ingress

Fire & Acoustic Systems

GTEK Product Specification

GTEK™ Tech Spec

The GTEK™ Fire & Acoustic Guide offers over 210 system combinations of GTEK™ and Innova™ products to address your project's fire and acoustic needs.
We can also customise a specific product specification to suit your project needs and provide you with a GTEK™ Tech Spec.
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Sizes & Thicknesses

GTEK™ Phonic Sheet Sizes and Weights

Technical Drawings

Plasterboard products in the GTEK™ Range

GTEK Impact
GTEK Fire & Wet Area
GTEK Total Plus
GTEK Ceiling
GTEK Protect
GTEK Total Plus
GTEK Curve
GTEK Sound
GTEK Cornice
GTEK Wet Area
GTEK Impact

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