We have a range of GTEK™ products that are suitable for the specific requirements of rooms and hallways that require protection from sound and impact.

Our range of sound and impact Plasterboards is specially designed to cater to your needs.

GTEK™ Sound is a high density Plasterboard specifically designed to reduce unwanted noise detectable through walls and ceilings. With installation and handling similar to standard Platerboard, GTEK™ Sound has a higher density core than standard Plasterboard.
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GTEK™ Impact is ideal for high-traffic areas where walls are subjected to regular stress in residential and commercial applications. Specify GTEK™ Impact where furniture and equipment are frequently moved; from hallways, garages and games rooms to schools, universities, hospitals, shopping centres and transport hubs.
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GTEK™ Phonic perforated plasterboard allows architects and designers to create beautiful ceilings and walls that achieve high levels of acoustic performance. The panel perforations together with the acoustic fabric and insulation reduce echo and noise reverberation to create a more comfortable environment for work, leisure and education.
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Plasterboard products in the GTEK™ Range

GTEK Impact
GTEK Protect
GTEK Total Plus
GTEK Ceiling
GTEK Sound
GTEK Curve
GTEK Wet Area
GTEK Impact
GTEK Cornice
GTEK Fire & Wet Area
GTEK Total Plus

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