GTEK™ Barrier

GTEK™ Barrier incorporates next generation high performance lining technology that provides superior performance in wet and high humidity areas. Its superior abrasion resistance also means it is ideal in high traffic areas when not tiled.

GTEK™ Barrier is ideal as a substrate under tiles in both residential and commercial applications but also due to the high-performance liner GTEK™ Barrier has superior abrasion resistance making it ideal for high traffic areas when not tiled.

What's good about GTEK™ Barrier

High performance non-woven fibreglass composite lining on the face and back provides superior moisture and humidity resistance

Suitable for wall applications as a substrate under tiles

Provides superior tile adhesion

High performance liner means that has superior abrasion resistance making it ideal for high traffic areas when not tiled

Lightweight and installed in the same method as traditional wet area plasterboard

Easier to cut, fasten and install penetrations for pipes and taps than other wet area tile substrates

35kg/m² tile carry weight capacity


Fire & Acoustic Systems

GTEK Product Specification

GTEK™ Tech Spec

The GTEK™ Fire & Acoustic Guide offers over 210 system combinations of GTEK™ and Innova™ products to address your project's fire and acoustic needs.
We can also customise a specific product specification to suit your project needs and provide you with a GTEK™ Tech Spec.
Call us on 1300 652 242 for assistance.

Sizes & Thicknesses

GTEK™ Wet Area Sheet Sizes and Weights

Plasterboard products in the GTEK™ Range

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GTEK Fire & Wet Area
GTEK Total Plus
GTEK Ceiling
GTEK Protect
GTEK Total Plus
GTEK Curve
GTEK Sound
GTEK Cornice
GTEK Wet Area
GTEK Impact

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