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GTEK™ Compound Range

Discover a world of high-quality jointing compounds that offers everything you need for all your construction projects. Enter the GTEK™ compounds range, with a product for every stage of your project. Our plasterboard has created this comprehensive range with your…

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Drywall vs Plaster

What is the difference between drywall and plaster? There are many differences between the two including material size, hardness, density, installation and repairs and cost. Drywall, also known as ‘plasterboard’, is made of gypsum mixed with water and spread between…

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Direct from the Source

GTEK™ is Western Australia’s largest producer of plasterboard products. The GTEK™ factory is over 52,000 sqm located in Hazelmere. GTEK™ is dedicated to manufacturing, warehousing and dispatch of our high quality products including plasterboard, cornice, compounds, and accessory products. Offering…

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GTEK™ Barrier

Architecture and Design’s Whitepaper examines water proofing requirements and the significance of high-quality products such as GTEK™ Barrier, where waterproofing is required, the importance of waterproofing, failures, and the best water-resistant substrates. The Whitepaper article explores technical specification of waterproofing and…

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