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GTEK™ Fire & Acoustic Guide

The GTEK™ Fire & Acoustic Guide is designed to help architects, specifiers, designers, builders and contractors source their projects’ most effective fire and acoustic solutions from the extensive range of GTEK™ fire resistant plasterboard.

We review the specs of all GTEK™ fire and acoustic plasterboard products to put together the best system to meet your needs, no matter what the budget or design.


All systems in the GTEK™ Fire and Acoustic Guide have been assessed to comply with Australian Standards and the National Construction Code. That’s why so many construction and renovation projects rely on the quality and reliability of GTEK™ fire rated plasterboard (Australian standard B).

Fire and acoustic test reports and opinions are available upon request as part of our commitment to superior customer care. We are also happy to answer any queries you may have about GTEK™ fire resistant plasterboard products and how to take advantage of our intuitive, modular system design.

Safety and compliance are paramount. To this end, we subject our GTEK™ fire rated plasterboard products to rigorous testing in order to ensure that they exhibit best-in-class quality and meet or beat every relevant Australian building standard.

When you choose our fire resistant and acoustic plasterboards, you are assured of superior, made-in-Australia quality that will meet your fire and acoustic building requirements and elevate the aesthetics of your project. Whether you are installing a commercial exterior wall, fixing to a timber or steel frame, or creating columns and beams, GTEK™ fire rated plasterboard is designed for optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

 GTEK™ further promotes environmental responsibility and sustainability so that you build a better building – with less of a carbon footprint. Whether you are trying to attain a higher Green rating for your project or want to promote better, more cost-effective waste management in the construction industry as a responsible corporate citizen, GTEK™ fire resistant plasterboard is your key to quality and environmental considerations.

The impressive range of GTEK™ fire and acoustic plasterboard products functions as a modular system so that construction/installation is quick and hassle-free. With GTEK™ fire rated plasterboard products, you can rely on effective fire resistance and incredible acoustic performance for high-traffic corridors, exits, and anywhere else where high safety and sound standards need to be met. With GTEK™ fire rated and acoustic plasterboard, you are getting the best of all possible worlds.

Acoustic testing has been conducted by the following institutions:

  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

GTEK™ plasterboard fire testing complies with Australian Standard AS1530 – Part 4: ‘Fire and Resistance Tests of Elements of Building Construction’ – and has been conducted by:

  • Exova Warringtonfire Aus Pty Ltd

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