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GTEK™ Complete Range of Compounds

GTEK™ manufactures a complete range of high-quality Joint Compounds including Base Coat, Top Coat and All Purpose Lightweight – and more. These Compounds have been specially developed by GTEK™ to ensure ease of application and enabling a high quality finish when used in conjunction with the GTEK™ range of Plasterboards. When used together, GTEK™ plasterboard products and Compounds provide the strength, longevity and the quality your projects demand and deserve. 

You cannot beat the combination of GTEK™ plasterboard and GTEK™ manufactured Joint Compounds in terms of reliability and ease of installation. With GTEK™, you have the best solutions to allow your construction and renovation projects to exceed your expectations – and your clients’.


GTEK™ Compounds

Compounds for use with the extensive GTEK™ Range of made-in-Australia, high-quality plasterboard products.

Compounds & Adhesives in the GTEK™ Range

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