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The GTEK™ Range of Plasterboards is the best in Lightweight Building & Design Solutions

We care about product excellence. We care about the environment. We care about you, and it shows in every GTEK plasterboard product.

Our manufacturing processes deliver the highest standards of quality, value, choice and sustainability. With GTEK™, you are getting longevity, aesthetics, and impeccable workmanship without sacrificing cost effectiveness, environmental responsibility, and excellence.

GECA Licensed Plasterboards

With our GECA-licensed GTEK™ plasterboards and our comprehensive range of ancillary compounds and adhesives, you can specify with confidence the best in lightweight building and design solutions, assured that our manufacturing processes deliver the highest standards of quality, value, choice and sustainability.

Made in Australia Plasterboards

The GTEK™ range of Plasterboards is specifically designed to cater to your needs, no matter the size or budget of your project. Whether you are building Walls & Ceilings, Fire & Wet Areas, Sound & Impact installations or are fulfilling Environmental requirements, our superior quality, made-in-Australia GTEK™ plasterboard products are your best choice. Look through our extensive GTEK™ Plasterboard Range →

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GTEK™ Plasterboard

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Why GTEK™?

With our all-Australian GTEK™ range of interior lining products, you benefit from sustainable, quality-tested technology, fully compatible plasterboard interior lining systems and our class-leading service network.  

  • TECHNOLOGY | Light, modular GTEK™ technology eases installation for seamless results  
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT | Our team of experts provide in-depth consultations, CPD presentations, technical brochures & guides.  
  • AUSTRALIAN MADE | All-Australian: closest available links between local manufacture and supply.  
  • SERVICE | Our distribution network offers dedicated state-based offices & warehouses with first class customer service. 
  • QUALITY | Independent testing accords with Australia’s toughest build-quality accreditations.
  • SYSTEMS | Fully compatible plasterboard interior lining systems range.

High Quality Compounds & Adhesives

You cannot beat the combination of GTEK™ plasterboard and GTEK™ manufactured Joint Compounds and Adhesives in terms of reliability and ease of installation. With GTEK™, you have the best solutions to allow your construction and renovation projects to exceed your expectations – and your clients’.





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Fire & Acoustic Solutions

When you choose our fire resistant and acoustic plasterboards, you are assured of superior, made-in-Australia quality that will meet your fire and acoustic building requirements and elevate the aesthetics of your project. Whether you are installing a commercial exterior wall, fixing to a timber or steel frame, or creating columns and beams, GTEK™ fire rated plasterboard is designed for optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

Solutions to All Your Sector Requirements

We understand that different environments require different plasterboard products to suit their specific demands. Whatever the sector, whether the building is trying to attain a higher green rating or promoting environmentalism for other reasons, GTEK™ has the perfect product for the project. Learn more →

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