We have a range of GTEK™ products that are suitable for specific requirements of fire and wet areas in addition to those requiring both fire and wet area protection.

Our range of fire and wet area Plasterboards is specially designed to cater to your needs.

GTEK™ Fire is used in fire-rated systems consisting of single or multiple layers of sheets, screw-fixed to steel framing and nail or screw fixed to timber stud framing.
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GTEK™ Wet Area has been designed and developed for wet area walls in residential and commercial buildings. Suitable for bathrooms, laundries, toilets, cleaning room areas and external ceilings such as alfresco areas.
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GTEK™ Fire & Wet Area is designed for use in wet areas governed by fire resistance limitations (FRLs). Use of GTEK™ Fire & Wet Area typically includes partitioning where FRLs are required in relation to wet areas such as showers or bathrooms.
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GTEK™ Protect is an innovative separating wall system for inter-tenancy situations that provides design flexibility, simple construction and outstanding acoustic performance.
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Plasterboard products in the GTEK™ Range

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